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Land of the Machines_ Machine Dock

Machine Dock, manufacturers of largest scale of machines that come in operations to various users in and around the world boasts of its equipment being used for, with its technological advancements for better utilization of the machinery.
Machine Dock as one of the most popular and recognized producers in this sector, our machines come in compliance with the standards that have made our mark viewable to everyone with distinction. Our production land manufactures the following,

Lathe Machine, generally used for giving shape to items of metal, wood, or other materials, the cutter here cuts the metal around a horizontal axis to come up with the necessary size and shape. For maintaining the speed of the cutters, there are automatic controls as well as the manual ones that guide the material to be cut in precision.

Various Lathe Machines include the,
ü  Geared Lathe Machine, made of high end quality mechanisms, these machine make your machining work in an accurate and stable manner. With the state of the art technology, our machines cut metal aggressively with alternate controlling speed mechanism and is able to withstand high cutting forces. Its spindle, lead screws, tailstock, bed, carriage, tool posts provide the ultimate experience with greater force that take large cuts easily.
ü Heavy Duty Lathe Machine, required in the automobile and engineering fields. The alloy steel used in its built up provides the strength and hardness that helps its durability to stay longer. The parts are easily replaceable, also providing the safety aspect to its users. The spindles fitted on its nose help perform work in a speedy manner.

Then are the Grinder Machines, consisting of different wheels, powerfully driven, with a bed for keeping your material to easily make cuts on it.

Its types,
ü  Surface Grinder that is available in manual operation or automatic, where the material or the metal to be cut is moved ahead and forth the grinding wheel on the bed which has a permanent magnet for use with magnetic stock.

ü  Tool and Cutter Grinder, which performs the functions on woodworking pieces and too the metal ones with its elements, base, wheel, saddle and the table, eases the work on the work piece by the action of the grinding wheel. 

Presses, which are mostly applicable to metal thrusting and sheet metal fabrication processes, has its classifications,
ü  HydraulicPress, utilized when to press the metal sheet which are probably applied to the manufacturing of plastic parts that operate for a long distance and work at a constant speed.

ü  ShopPress, with great mechanical advantage performs the sheet cutting procedure in an enhanced way.

ü  PowerPress, a sheet metal machine, cuts bends, forms different variety of metal sheet in various shape and sizes. This press has a wheel stand, pressure gauge that is used for assembling and straightening out the tasks related to bicycle, automobile, electrical industries for assembling and de-assembling f various machine components.

Milling Machines, using rotary cutters for removing materials from a work piece grabs the material like standard cutters and work pieces with integrity that are capable to handle different work in a single setup.

ü  Vertical Milling, where the spindle axis is vertically oriented and the milling cutters are on the spindle that rotates on its axis. Also there are its sub categories, the bed mill and the turret mill.

ü  Universal Milling comes attached with items as the indexing fixture, rotary table, slotting and rack cutting attachments, and various special fixtures and permits the table to swing 45 degree in either direction for angular and helical milling operations.

Shaper Machines, widely used in many parts of the industries to surface the machines cut, cuts curves, angles and many other shapes. The movement of these machines is very simple that produces wide variety of work.

ü  Horizontal shaper, which cuts the tool using linear motion between the work piece and a single point cutting tool that, provides a linear tool path.

3 Jaw chuck holds the bits in power drills and are also common equipment found on the metalworking lathes. The 3 jaw chucks are commonly of the self centering variety, meaning the jaws are not independently adjustable.
While the 4 jaw chuck is assumed to have independently adjustable jaws, this is more versatile and used for long term applications. The gripping power is more on this jaw which performs heavy works with cuts more deathly.
Hacksaw Machine, used on materials of plastic and wood has various sets of Blades that are available in standardized length and comes in categories,
ü  Power Hacksaw, cutting materials like steel as when used with a normal hacksaw, power hacksaws perform the task with great ease, also the in-built coolant used on the blades helps to easily chop off the material, that without the coolant blades may be broken leaving the work incomplete.

ü  Hydraulic Hacksaw cuts round or square bars pipes and tubes. The cutting arm where the arm lifts out the work piece in the forward stroke prevents the damage to the blade. Also it has the Motorized Coolant System that allows smooth cutting operation. Its speed cutting feed helps speed according to the material.

Bandsaw Machine, that cuts wooden material with the metal saw which travels above the rim on the revolving wheel. The band saw includes elements of, frame, table saw guides, saw tensioning with others. It has 2 models, the vertical and the horizontal mainly used for cutting cuts in regular or irregular shapes.

Horizontal Bandsaw accurately and quickly cuts the work pieces by using the band saw's adjustable horizontal positions. Choosing from various speeds to cut everything from brass and aluminum to rugged alloy and tool steels, this bandsaw comes with a heavy duty stand having two wheels. Also the gravity feed cutting pressure adjustment is available in the horizontal position

Drilling Machine for drilling holes, where the work involves keeping the material on the table and then the drill is fed through the item to give the desired results. The speed of the rotary and the feed is the most important character of this machine.

Comes it Types,

ü  Bench Drill, drills the lighter materials and where the material is not directly held by the hand, also there is the foot pedal available for switching the machine off.

ü  Pillar Drill is the smaller and more portable drill which is moved to various surfaces. They feature a sliding column operated by a rotating handle. The functioning of the Pillar drills that they utilize a base plate on the floor and have their own working tables and so they do not require additional equipment to operate.
Still developing the machines with utmost efficiency, our service depends to cater and reach the areas where we could just not boast about ourselves but let the customers willingly speaking on our behalf.

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