Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Main Industrial Applications of Lathe Machine

The lathe machine is one of the most important parts in tool room equipment. A lathe machine basically revolves the work on its axis for executing a wide range of functions which includes cutting, drilling, deforming, facing, knurling, sanding, turning. This all rounder machine enables the user to produce same objects using wood, metal, plastic etc. over the period of time, developments in technology helped to introduce various types of lathe machines to meet the diverse needs of several industrial segments.

Today lathe machines are commonly used for wood turning, metal working, metal spinning, thermal spraying, and shaping machine components. The metal working lathes are widely utilized for producing a variety of solid metal products. The work piece is usually held tightly in place by either one or two centers that can be moved horizontally to fit materials of various metal products. The work piece is usually held tight in place by either one or two centers that can be moved horizontally to accommodate materials of various dimensions.

Heavy duty lathe machine is ideal for turning objects made from very hard materials. It is built using superior quality, sturdy and rust free materials and incorporates the most modern technology. These machines are low noise and highly precise lathe machines deliver flawless output. They are mainly utilized for top grade machining work, and large scale metal and wood working tasks in numerous industrial sectors such as mining, paper, power plant, and shipping.

The work piece can be rotated on the lathe machine is determined by the diameter of the work piece it will turn and the length of bed. Lathes that can be turn average sized objects, while large lathes are used for turning work pieces that have a large diameter. The popular lathe machines for industrial applications include all geared, light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty lathe machines. The light duty of lathe machines is particularly used for precisely shaping or deforming small objects. The highly versatile and long lasting equipment is commonly found in work-shops and tool rooms. The robust structure and high speeds.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Different Types of Lathe Machines

As we all know lathe machines are used for wood turning, metal-working, metal spinning, thermal spraying, parts reclamation and glass working. Lathes can be used to shape pottery, in best designing is known as potter wheel. Most suitable lathe working can also be used to produce most solids of revolution, plane surfaces and screw thread of helices. Other work holding methods include clamping the work about the axis of rotation using a chuck or collet or to a faceplate, using clamps or dogs. Mainly types of lathe machines include: - Speed lathes, Engine Lathes, Tool room lathes and Turret lathes.

Simple Lathes are designed simple. It contains a head-stock, tail stock and a very simple tool post. It can operate in 3-4 speeds. Its spindle speed is very high. It is used for light machine work like wood turning, metal spinning and metal polishing.

Engine lathes are the one of the common type of lathe machine. It is designed for low power operations as well as high power operations. Various lengths of machines are available. These machines can operate at a wide range of speed ratios.

Tool room lathes are versatile lathe machine. It can give better accuracy and finishing. It has a wider range of speeds and different types of feeds. It can be a great device to manufacture die.

Turret lathes are machines used for quick operations. It has various types of tool posts mounted on a single structure. As a number of tools are set up on a machine, the job can be completed very quickly with the single set-up. A capstan wheel is used to position on the next tool. A machining process can be done by using the turret lathe without moving the work-piece.